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  • Check Out Our Newly REDesigned Website! November 13, 2019
    Benchmark International is very excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website -  Featuring a brand new look, and more customized information, we have built our new website with you in mind! The streamlined user interface allows you to find the information you are looking for more quickly and efficiently than ever before! […]
  • Benchmark International has Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Richlyn Systems Limited and Pennine Holdings Ltd November 12, 2019
    Benchmark International has advised on the transaction between bespoke software provider, Richlyn Systems, and Sheffield-based Pennine Holdings. Established in 1983, Richlyn Systems is a specialist software and web developer, providing industry tailored software development, standalone software packages and contractual software maintenance to a diverse range of niche B2B clients in industries such as commercial property, […]
  • Benchmark International Facilitated the Transaction of BobCAD CAM, Inc. to Harris Computer Corporation November 12, 2019
    Benchmark International has facilitated the transaction of BobCAD CAM, Inc. to Harris Computer Corporation. BobCAD-CAM, Inc. based in Clearwater, FL, is a leader in CNC programming software for milling, turning, routing, and wire EDM. It combines CAD (computer-aided-design) and CAM (computer-aided-manufacture) functionality into a single interface. Through its proprietary software, the company provides manufacturers a […]
  • M&A And The Big Data Industry November 8, 2019
    “Big data” has revolutionized the once traditional methods of analyzing data, making it possible to source more data at a much faster rate and with a great deal of variables. Companies that curate these massive databases do so to help businesses across all industries make more carefully calculated business decisions. Big data sources revenue from […]
  • Don’t Delay Your Exit Strategy November 5, 2019
    In the latest to happen in the rollercoaster that is Brexit, another delay has been granted to the UK with EU members agreeing to an extension until the 31st January. Meanwhile, reports from the EU are warning that economies may be falling into a recession with the potential decline in part due to Brexit, with […]
  • There is a Buyer for Every Business November 4, 2019
    “I am in a niche market space.” “Who would want to buy my business?” These are just a couple of the concerns that owners have when putting their business on the market for sale, which often leads them to limit the types of prospective buyers. However, business owners should not limit themselves to one particular […]
  • Benchmark International is proud to be a part of the OCFO Founders Conference 2019 November 1, 2019
    Benchmark International is proud to be a part of the 2019 OCFO Founders Conference, taking place on November 7th at the Ideas Cartel in Cape Town, South Africa, during Global Entrepreneurship Week. The conference aims to bring together the top business people, investors and entrepreneurs in South Africa for an evening of meaningful networking, learning […]
  • M&A In The Global Health and Life Insurance Industry October 30, 2019
    Common drivers of mergers and acquisitions in the global health and life insurance industry include the entry into new markets, access to new technologies, valuation trends, and reaction to regulatory changes. With growth strategies leading the charge, market expansion is often made possible through the acquisition of target companies that optimize product portfolios and customer […]
  • The Digital Marketing Industry and M&A October 29, 2019
    The trillion dollar advertising space is a rapidly changing industry with most of the action happening on the digital marketing side. As the world’s digital advertising revenues increase, there is a global demand for more online content. Lead generation, advertising, search engine optimization, and affiliate partnerships are major drivers of income in the 21st century […]
  • The Global Packaging Industry and M&A October 28, 2019
    Manufacturers in the global packaging industry produce items such as bags, films, air pillows, bubble cushioning, heavy plastics, aluminum foil, paperboard, and corrugated materials. In a segment that is greatly influenced by transportation and logistics costs, strategic buyers look for options that offer attractive margin profiles, cost-savings manufacturing advantages, shareholder growth options, and deals that […]
  • M&A And The Construction Materials Industry October 26, 2019
    The construction materials industry is comprised of suppliers of the raw materials used by builders in both commercial and residential construction. This wide array of materials are both natural and man-made: Limestone, granite, sand, clay, gypsum Cement, gravel and crushed stone Bricks, mortar, concrete, asphalt, and other materials Wood, timber, plywood and veneer Glass, plastics, […]
  • M&A In The Global Medical Services Industry October 26, 2019
    Globalization of healthcare contributes to a continually developing global medical services industry that encompasses hospital, physician and clinical, nursing and continuing care facilities, home healthcare, surgical facilities, emergency services, laboratories and other providers. Value-based Care An industry that was once about volume-based care has strategically shifted to value-based care. Because this requires improvements in facility […]
  • Benchmark International volunteered with Second Harvest Food Bank of Tennessee October 25, 2019
    Benchmark International office in Nashville, Tennessee took part in the Second Harvest Food Bank donation efforts. This organization gives back to the communities of Tennessee through donations and volunteers committed to providing nutritious meals to those in need. Managing Partner, Tyrus O’Neill, worked with his team to host this event. Half of the team participated […]
  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction of Jordan Human Resources To Vinton Holdings October 24, 2019
    Jordan HR is a niche human resources firm that specialises in the recruitment of medical practitioners, with a keen focus on Locum Pharmacists.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Wait For The New Year To Sell Your Company October 23, 2019
    A new year always conjures up the feeling that it’s a clean slate, so that may seem like a good time to take your business to market. And, yes, timing is everything, but waiting for the new year could mean that you miss out on the opportunity to get the maximum value for your business. […]
  • Benchmark International (South Africa) is proud to be shortlisted for the annual Africa Global Funds Awards October 21, 2019
    Benchmark International (South Africa) is proud to be recognised and shortlisted in the category of Best Independent Advisory Firm alongside some of South Africa’s most recognised corporate finance brands. The Awards were created to honour and generate both industry and public recognition of the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of Service Providers covering Africa. The 2019 […]
  • The Aviation Industry and M&A October 20, 2019
    The transportation industry on a whole has seen major opportunities for investment thanks to a myriad of technological advancements such as self-driving cars, ride sharing and alternative fuels. As technology permeates all global industries, the aviation industry has its own unique circumstances, and must turn to acquisitions and market share to create competitive advantages in […]
  • M&A In The Global Insurance Industry October 20, 2019
    Mergers and acquisitions in the global insurance industry carry their share of unique challenges. There is always the potential for increased regulation, and ever-changing technologies and infrastructures can make it expensive and difficult for companies to keep pace. When it comes to cross-border M&A, cultural integration is often overlooked. These factors make the world of […]
  • The IT Services Industry and M&A October 20, 2019
    Information Technology (IT) services encapsulate maintenance and security with regard toonsite and remote tech support,infrastructure, computers, servers, networks, workstations,firewalls, cloud services, web development, systems integration, telecom, patch management, software updates, big data, and virus and malware prevention.
  • M&A And The Chemical And Plastics Manufacturing Industry October 20, 2019
    The chemical manufacturing industry converts raw materials such as gasses and oils into chemicals such as ethylene, propylene, methanol, benzene, chlorine, and paraxylene. These chemicals are feedstocks for value chains that produce a wide array of intermediates, plastics, and performance materials that are used to create more than 70,000 registered productsaround the world. It is an extremely […]