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  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated The Acquisition Of ASAP Group By Terratest Group April 20, 2021
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the transaction between ASAP Group (“ASAP”) and Terratest Group (“Terratest”).Founded in 2006, ASAP is a leading foundation company specializing in a broad variety of shoring and foundation support methods, with a unique patented Sheetpiler™ technology that makes ASAP one of the premier shoring companies in Florida.
  • The Importance Of Being “Sale Ready” April 16, 2021
    As a business owner, maybe you haven’t given much thought to selling your company. Or maybe you’ve bounced the idea around but not too seriously. It’s pretty common for business owners to think, “I have years before I plan on selling my business. Why would I worry about that now?” Well, here’s the thing. Life […]
  • Benchmark International has Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between PBX Hosting and TelcoSwitch April 14, 2021
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the acquisition of Coventry-based PBX Hosting by TelcoSwitch, a provider of hosted voice, unified communications and compliance solutions, in a £4.5m deal. Founded in 2007, PBX Hosting delivers hosted UCaaS solutions to offices and contact centre environments through its base of channel partners. The company will continue to trade […]
  • Benchmark International Facilitated The Transaction Of Nova Engineering And A High Net Worth Individual April 12, 2021
    NOVA Engineering, Inc. is a State of California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), a State of California Small Business Enterprise (SBE), a City of San Diego Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). NOVA Engineering offers the experience of a unique team that brings the enthusiasm and energy of a […]
  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Blow Abbott and A P Robinson & Co April 9, 2021
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the merger between North East Lincolnshire chartered accountants Blow Abbott and A P Robinson & Co. Established in 1967, Blow Abbott is a ICAEW chartered accountancy practice and payroll service provider for SMEs, providing a turnkey service including final and management accounts, and cloud accounting software management. A P […]
  • 10 Factors That Drive Business Value Beyond Revenue April 7, 2021
    The value of a company extends beyond the amount of revenue it generates. As a business owner, you should be monitoring the value of your company at all times, but it is especially important if you are considering exiting or retiring within the next several years, or even up to a decade from now. Company […]
  • The Myth of the “M&A Cycle”: Implications for the Middle Market April 2, 2021
    People like to sound smart on the golf course. It’s one way to distract others from your golf game. Since finance and investing are popular subjects of discourse out on the links, there is always opportunity for high-minded musings on business topics. One evergreen theme revolves around the “M&A cycle.” More specifically: “Where are we […]
  • Benchmark International Donates an ICT Suite to White Bridge College April 1, 2021
    Benchmark International is proud to once again have had the privilege of partnering with PCrefurb to donate an ICT suite to White Bridge College in Tameside. A recent IT audit by the school revealed that there are a significant number of students without access to the internet or an electronic device of their own where […]
  • Tips for First-Time Buyers in Approaching the Letter of Intent March 31, 2021
    The business acquisition process consists of various stages. Taking the broadest view, the process leading up to the close of a transaction typically entails an initial assessment stage, and a more formalized due diligence period during which the buyer often performs a quality of earnings and legal due diligence exercise. Many business acquirers have enough […]
  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between 81G Blue Limited and Babble Cloud Limited March 29, 2021
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the sale of Warwickshire-based 81G to cyber services provider, Babble. 81G provides fully managed IT support and services to SMEs. The company manages IT infrastructure for companies with no internal IT department, or those looking to complement their internal IT department. Founded in 2001, Babble is a technology partner […]
  • Mid-Management: Dreams of Owning a Business March 24, 2021
    Have you always dreamt of owning your own business? What about having your boss’ job? If you are in management and in a privately owned company, it might be possible for you to be the boss and the owner one day. However, many mid-level managers do not know how to accomplish their dream of owning […]
  • Understanding Working Capital March 22, 2021
    Working capital, also referred to as net working capital, is the measure of a company's liquidity, operational efficiency, and short-term financial status. It is the difference between a business’s current assets, its inventory of materials and goods, and its existing liabilities. Net operating working capital is the difference between current assets and non-interest-bearing current liabilities. Typically, they […]
  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Trufora and Genesis Group, Inc. March 18, 2021
    Trufora, brings a new standard to dermatology by providing the market with skincare products that contain ingredients proven to be effective, safe, and non-irritating, and used at levels proven to achieve a visible, clinical benefit. The company provides products that allow every woman to feel confident, inspired, and beautiful in their skin. The products are […]
  • Tips for Making Sellers Comfortable with You as a Potential Buyer March 17, 2021
    The acquisition process can understandably be a very daunting task for sellers, let alone an uncomfortable experience that pulls back the curtains on their business and its most intimate information. Many sellers realize this is not their area of expertise, and will make the informed decision to contract with a sell-side M&A advisory firm prior […]
  • 8 Deals in 8 Days March 16, 2021
    Benchmark International’s UK offices have experienced a sharp increase in the number of deals completed since the beginning of 2021, notably completing 8 deals within 8 days.
  • Can I Put My Business On The Market Even Though I'm Not Actively Looking To Sell? March 15, 2021
    Maybe you’re not sure if you are ready to sell your business, but you’re curious about what you could learn if you put it on the market. You can always put your company on the market at any time, but you should understand the right way to do it, and everything that you need to […]
  • Benchmark International Completes 52 Transactions in 52 Weeks for US Offices March 12, 2021
    What Does It Take to Complete 52 Transactions in 52 Weeks?2020 brought us all a huge amount of uncertainty. From an unexpected global pandemic to an election year, business owners tooling with the idea of a transaction were skeptical of success and market interest. With immense challenges presenting themselves, Benchmark International US offices took the […]
  • Benchmark International is Cleaning for a Cause in 2021 March 11, 2021
    Benchmark International HQ is currently participating in the Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful initiative, specifically the Adopt-A-Road program for the next two years to promote environmental stewardship, team building, and to keep our city and streets beautiful.  The Adopt-A-Road program is a great opportunity for corporations to give back to the community through stewardship of public right-of-ways, parks, […]
  • Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between The Bookyard Ltd and Restore plc March 8, 2021
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the transaction between Liverpool-based, The Bookyard, and London-based Restore. Established in 2006, The Bookyard is a specialist recycler and supplier of service parts, tools and accessories for Apple computers and devices. Restore is an AIM-listed document management, shredding and computer recycling company, providing its services to offices and workplaces […]
  • How Much Working Capital is the Right Amount? March 8, 2021
    One of the more complex components of an M&A transaction is a seller’s net working capital, hereinafter referred to as working capital. Working capital is a financial term used as a measurement of a business’s ability to meet its financial obligations over the coming business cycle (typically 12 months). The consideration of working capital is […]