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  • 15 Smart Tips On Exit Planning July 19, 2019
    15. Decide the Company's Future Before planning your exit strategy, you must decide the future course for your business. Do you plan to sell outright? Would you prefer that the company stay within family ownership? Do you want to retain a percentage stake in the company? Is there an employee that you would want to […]
  • Global M&A Outlook H1 2019 July 18, 2019
    While deal values and volumes are trending downwards in most regions and sectors, investors are still willing to set political and regulatory uncertainty aside to execute big, strategic transactions when opportunities arise. That suggests that activity should remain relatively robust in the months ahead, despite a more challenging deal environment. The raw data point clearly […]
  • Look What the Postman’s Just Brought… July 17, 2019
    Benchmark International received a card today from Bolton Lads & Girls Club which reminded us of what a great cause the Club is to support. The Club has four centres across Bolton, providing a safe space for young people to spend their free time and includes provisions such as sports, arts, mentoring and community outreach […]
  • Selling Your Business: Expectations vs. Reality July 17, 2019
    When business owners begin the process of selling their business, they may have expectations about the sale process. These expectations can be based on what they have read, what their friends have told them, and what their own needs are. However, the reality of selling a business can be very different from the expectations.TimingSellers tend […]
  • Should You Hire An M&A Advisor To Sell Your Business? July 16, 2019
    That’s an easy answer. YES! You absolutely should hire an M&A advisor to sell your business. Here’s why. It’s Not Easy The process of selling a company is guaranteed to be complicated. While an accomplished attorney or accountant can help, you are going to need a true expert intermediary to handle the entire venture if […]
  • 6 Books About Growing A Business That You Should Read July 12, 2019
    Growing a Business By Paul Hawken In this book, Paul Hawken explains how a successful business is an expression of the individual behind it, along with practical advice, common sense, and down-to-earth ideas. Even though it was written 30 years ago, it remains an excellent and very relevant read, backed by the fact that the […]
  • Global Oil & Gas Industry Outlook July 10, 2019
    The global oil and gas industry is expected to remain relatively stable in 2019, even amid oversupply risks and volatile pricing, as oil demand continues to increase. Oil usage is expected to grow by more than 3.5 million barrels per day.  Key Industry Trends for 2019 Natural gas remains a major player as a generator […]
  • Benchmark International Advises on the Transaction Between Forza Projects Limited and Lenhart Partners July 9, 2019
    Benchmark International is pleased to announce the transaction between London-based furniture and kitchen studio, Forza Projects, and private equity firm, Lenhart Partners. Forza Projects, operating from a prestigious showroom in London W1 and a warehouse and distribution centre in London W3, resells high-end kitchens and furniture to commercial, office and residential clients. Lenhart Partners acquires […]
  • The Importance of Environmental Due Diligence July 8, 2019
    We often say here at Benchmark that signing an LOI is the 10% mark of a transaction.  While it’s difficult to support that quantitatively, it’s certainly anecdotally true. Due diligence is an arduous part of the closing process that will either substantiate the terms outlined in the LOI, call for different terms, or reveal such […]
  • How Should your MBO be Funded? July 7, 2019
    If you’ve decided to embark on an MBO, you might have asked yourself, how is this funded? Generally, members of the buyout team are required to invest a sum of personal money into Newco but it would be unusual for them to fund the whole transaction. The equity provided by the management is necessary to […]
  • M&A Trends in the Technology Sector – Why has it Reached New Highs? July 4, 2019
    A newly released report from Mergermarket concerning M&A trends in the first half of 2019 has shown that M&A in the technology sector has reached new highs. So far, 1,307 deals have been recorded in the technology sector this year, equating to 15.9% of deal activity by volume in 1H 2019, its highest half-yearly share […]
  • Why Buy-and-build Strategies Work July 3, 2019
    What Is Buy and Build? When private equity acquires a well-positioned platform company to acquire additional smaller companies, using the developed expertise in a specialized area to grow and increase returns, it is considered a buy-and-build strategy. This strategy is common with private equity firms with shorter holding periods of about three to five years. Why […]
  • 9 Ted Talks Every Business Owner Should Watch July 1, 2019
    1. Globalization Isn't Declining—It's TransformingArindam Bhattacharya Mr. Bhattacharya is a Boston Consulting Group Fellow, Senior Partner in their New Delhi office, and worldwide co-leader of the BCG Henderson Institute in Asia. Hear his interesting argument as to why globalization is not going extinct but instead is evolving due to cross-border data flow.2. How to […]
  • How Seller Due Diligence Maximizes Business Value June 28, 2019
    Selling a company is a momentous life event for any business owner. You have worked hard to build it and want to achieve the highest acquisition value possible when you are ready to sell. To do this, you should be fully prepared for any prospective buyer to conduct rigorous due diligence, which means you should […]
  • The 12 Best M&A Twitter Accounts To Follow June 26, 2019
    PitchBook Data| @PitchBook PitchBook is a financial data, research, and technology provider that covers global venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions. Here you will find comprehensive news and analysis, as well as deep-dive info on individual business sectors. Mergers&Acquisitions| @TheMiddleMarket ‏ See what is happening in private equity and get a healthy dose of all […]
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How To Sell Your Business June 21, 2019
    Once you have decided that the time has come to sell your company, you will want to be as prepared as possible for the endeavor. Being adequately prepared will pave the way for a smoother process, avoid unnecessary delays in the sale, and increase the value of your business. Use this cheat sheet as a […]
  • Which is the Best Way to Structure the Sale of my Business? June 20, 2019
    When selling your business, receiving offers is a big hurdle to overcome so, when this happens, it might seem like plain sailing from here. Unfortunately, there is still quite a way to go with the transaction, the first being to analyse the offers on the table, to make sure they suit your exit or growth […]
  • Benchmark International Facilitates the Transaction of In-O-Vate Technologies Inc. to Continental Materials Corporation June 19, 2019
    Benchmark International has successfully facilitated the transaction of In-O-Vate Technologies Inc. ("InOvate") to Continental Materials Corporation ("CMC"). InOvate, based in Jupiter, Florida, is a leading manufacturer of premium, metal dryer venting accessories used in residential home construction. Founded by Rick Harpenau in 1996, and led by tenured employees James Ortiz and Cliff Budnick, InOvate has […]
  • Buyer Comfort June 19, 2019
    Buyers tend to assuage their discomfort with deal structure.  When negotiating with buyers, it is prudent for the seller, guided by a seasoned M&A Advisor, to consider what the underlying issue is, discomfort, instead of addressing the result of that discomfort, a specific deal structure. Huh, you say? Let me dive a bit deeper.Buyers of businesses use […]
  • What is a Management Buyout (MBO)? June 18, 2019
    There is a vast range of different types of acquirers a seller can go to when selling their business. From trade to private equity, national to international buyers, there can be a large pool of potential acquirers to approach. One of the many options available is selling to the current management team – otherwise known […]