I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Embrace Benchmark, powered by Benchmark International.

At Benchmark International we understand that our worldwide exposure helps some of the most renowned companies identify and execute their strategic mid-market acquisitions. Acquirers and investors are able to leapfrog the many pitfalls and minefields often associated with the search and locate process via our seamless and proactive coordination of opportunities. Our industry analysts and dealmakers are here to assist you through the identification of your chosen acquisition.

Benchmark International is industry agnostic and has the capability and reach to procure some of the markets most desirable companies. Each day we are contacted exclusively by company owners contemplating a full or partial exit or seeking some form of strategic growth partner. We find many acquirers and investors are often surprised as to the depth and quality of our engagements.

At Benchmark International we have a time tested methodical process of developing strong and unique relationships with our clients that enables us to highlight the benefits of working with potential partners and acquirers. With our candid and considered approach we are able to gain a mutual understand and trust between all parties resulting in a successful transaction.

As already mentioned, our local presence in countries worldwide provides on-the-ground-native-knowledge and insights that can make the crucial difference in addressing different corporate cultures and operating styles.

We believe the involvement of Benchmark International not only increases the success level for our clients but also assists acquirers and investors with their acquisition and growth plans. Many acquirers and investors now see Benchmark International as their primary port of call when profiling and searching for targets.

We look forward to embarking upon a long and fruitful relationship with you.

Warm wishes,

Steven Keane