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Wireless network solutions provider

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Client CodeITT1215
EBITDA Range under-250K
Revenue Range Under-1M
Sector IT-and-Telecoms
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Partial-Sale

The company specializes in the implementation and remediation of mission-critical indoor/outdoor temporary and permanent Wi-Fi networks across multiple verticals. The company has also developed and manufactured a Bluetooth Low Energy Platform as a disruptive technology for multiple industries.


Key Aspects
· Specialized in implementing and remediating indoor/outdoor mission critical Wi-Fi networks.
· Highly developed customer base, including more than 20 Fortune 500 companies
· Experienced management team, all of whom hold certified wireless network administrator certifications or higher
· 40% of customers engage in repeat business
· The company just brought a disruptive Bluetooth low energy platform to market


· Further develop the Bluetooth Low Energy Platform to include new uses such as, frictionless access control, lead generation, real time location services, and asset tracking
· Increase wireless solutions marketing efforts for live meetings and event services
· Expand employee base in order to become able to service a larger volume of projects


Real Estate
· The company owns a 2,000 sq. ft. facility which it operates from. The property functions as a warehouse and office space.
Shareholder/ Owner Objectives
· The company has two owners, both of which are active in the business. They are seeking a partial sale in order to raise capital to grow the Bluetooth low energy platform, purchase inventory and
conduct testing and certification.


Key Indicators:

Year End
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Turnover 458 1,052 750 1,004
Gross Profit  434 983 638 920
Adj. EBITDA*  231 1 6 349

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)