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Wholesaler Of Footwear And Accessories

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Client Code11009
EBITDA Range 1.5M-2.5M
Revenue Range 5M-10M
Sector Distribution_Storage
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Full-Sale
HeadquartersFlorida, US

Wholesale distributor of footwear and accessories for men, women, and children. The company has a significant presence in numerous, big-box retailers across the southeastern U.S. with dedicated floor space. The company has multiple licensing agreements with major children’s companies to use there characters and logos, as well as a deal for a motion picture and television show set to run in 2015.

Key Aspects
· Strong relationships dealing directly with manufacturers in China
· Dedicated floor space with big-box retailers across the Southeastern United States
· Operating for over 20 years
· Increased sales representatives
· Ability to personalize orders
· Products are high quality and made with environmentally safe materials
· International sales obtained
· Key management team in place

· Build strategic partnerships with other distributors
· Increase marketing and advertising efforts
· Develop an eCommerce site
· Increased international presence
· Obtain more licensing agreements

Market Currently Served
Minimal international presence with a concentration in the Eastern United States

Potential Market
All of Florida

Real Estate
The company’s 45,000 sq. ft. facility is leased from a third party and contains 39,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and 6,000 sq. ft. of showroom space. The lease is available for transfer and renewal.

The owners have taken the company to a level of success that they feel is ideal for acquisition. They realize that the company is poised to continue its market growth and sustain additional blue-chip clientele, but are ready to move on to pursue other business interests.

Key Indicators

FYE Dec 31st
YTD 11/30/14
Gross Revenue 6,960  7,972 6,427  8,167 7,356
Gross Profit  2,565  3,090  2,873  3,034  3,170
Adj. EBITDA  1,652 1,194  1,241 1,272  1,291

* In 2012, the company generated lower than expected sales in its winter collections, causing revenue to temporarily decrease. Since 2012, the company has decided to cancel winter collections moving forward and mainly focus on spring and summer lines. Also, in 2012, the company changed warehouse location, saving approximately $250k annually. The company started to recognize these savings in mid-2014.

** In 2013, the company wrote off $292K from an affiliated entity.