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Value-Added Commercial Structural Steel Fabricator

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Client CodeMAN1347
EBITDA Range 1.5M-2.5M
Revenue Range 10M-25M
Sector Manufacturing-and-Industrial
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Full-Sale

A structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator specializing in commercial and municipal work for shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, grocery stores, hospitals, and industrial work. The company has solidified a reputation of integrity and quality fabrication services in the market for over 30 years.


Key Aspects
· Compound annual growth rate in revenue of 25% from 2013 through 2015
· Repeat business constitutes 75% of revenue
· Secures some projects through invitations to bid
· Competitive profit margins for the industry
· Secured backlog of $3.89M as of July 2016
· Experiencing growing volume of bid invitations
· Strong project management and sales personnel
· Key personnel have been employed for 20- to 32-years
· Dedicated team of 52 people
· Certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)


· Increase manpower – currently, not able to bid on every job available
· Hire full-time outside sales representatives
· Expand production capacity by investing in additional machinery and equipment
· Create a website and advertise in trade magazines to continue to bring in new customers


Real Estate
· The company operates from a 31,200 sq. ft. facility leased from an affiliated entity. The real estate is available for sale. There is room to grow in the current location.


Shareholder/ Owner Objectives
· The three owners are approaching retirement and would like to get a plan in place in order to have more time to spend with their families and travel. There is a management team in place and the owners are available for a handover period.


Key Indicators

Year End
Turnover 11,163 12,948 10,662
Gross Profit  2,176 1,788 793
Adj. EBITDA*  1,530 1,298 473

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)