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Proprietary Compensation Software

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Client CodeITT1237
EBITDA Range under-250K
Revenue Range Under-1M
Sector IT-and-Telecoms
Region United-States
Deal Structure Open
HeadquartersUnited States

Proprietary software designed to optimize sales force compensation using Strength based Lean Six Sigma Principles and the Theory of Constraints (TOC). The software creates compensation plans, making each sales representative a profit center within the company, to drive KPIs in real-time: budgets, recruiting, net income, profitability and shareholder value – forecasting the effect of
placing a sales force on various commission plans – before implementation. The system’s technology is fluid-and-interactive using a matrix of complicated processes all interlaced with each other to effectively calculate and facilitate solutions using Pareto Optimal Economic Efficiencies – expressed by scholars as the best that can be achieved without disadvantaging at least one group.


Key Aspects
· Six Sigma Plus Degree of Accuracy
· Lean Six Sigma and TOC processes allowing strategic planning and seamless synergy across all functioning groups
· Customized approach with flexibility to design compensation plans best suited for each company
· Fast and accurate, real-time, computation regardless of sales force size
· Proven software and methodology, in a variety of industries, used to design compensation plans for over 75,000 sales professionals globally
· Ability to increase sales force productivity between 10-30% (recent cases up to 60%), sales force retention by more than 97%, and ROI in less than one year
· Trademarked in the U.S and Canada


Market Currently Served
· The system is most appropriate for commission-driven businesses; however other industries (i.e. employee bonus incentivized) have implemented the software and consulting methodology with success in every case. It has also been proven to work in businesses with fewer than a dozen revenue generators to larger organizations with several thousand.


Shareholder/ Owner Objectives
· The owners have used the software internally to provide consulting services to manage over 75,000 sales professionals globally. There is no other software solution on the market – to be noted the software is not commercially available providing a strong opportunity for an outright acquisition.
· The owners have invested over $6M+ developing the system. Management notes the software allows for calculations no other software is able to do. The owners consider the software has been
proven, excelling beyond proof of concept, and it is now time to capitalize on their investment.