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Martial Arts and Police Training Equipment

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Client CodeRET1007
EBITDA Range 750K-1M
Revenue Range 5M-10M
Sector Online,-Ecommerce-and-Mail-Order
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Open

A designer and manufacturer of martial arts and police training equipment. The company introduced many design and construction features of modern foam martial arts equipment, and continues to innovate. One of the product lines was developed specifically for police and Secret Service Defensive Tactics Training, and variants are in use for civilian self-defense training.


Price: $9,000,000


Key Aspects
· Over 35 years of product design expertise
· Known for product quality, safety, and innovation
· Unique materials reduce g-force impact
· Approximately $2M in inventory
· Major product breakdown: 65% martial arts/26% police
· In-house printing abilities to brand products
· Strong profit margin on its products
· Trusted customer relationships
· Over 10% of sales are exports



· Continue to invest in a wider range of products and expand current martial arts lines
· Expand fulfillment operations on the west coast to better serve regional customers
· Continue to broaden customer base of schools
· Option to introduce local screen printing


Real Estate
· The company operates from company-owned 90,000 sq. ft. facility with about 70,000 sq. ft. dedicated to warehousing and distribution.



Shareholder/ Owner Objectives
· Asking Price: $9M. Price includes real estate ($4.9M), inventory and other current assets ($2.85M), and brand value ($1.25M).

· The CEO/Trustee and President/CFO/Trustee of the ESOP believe it is in the best interest of the employees to explore the options of sale to strengthen the company and enhance shareholder value under new ownership. The CEO/Trustee of the company has decreased his involvement in the daily operations of the company over the last few years and functions as a strategic leader in the business. The President/CFO/Trustee handles the operational and accounting responsibilities and is available to remain in that position with the new ownership or transition out over a year or two to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge.


Key Indicators

Year End
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Turnover 7,192 7,529 7,320 7,702
Gross Profit  2,970 2,917 2,965 3,042
Adj. EBITDA* 825 459 563 521

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)