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Group of Houston-Based Full-Service Restaurants For Sale

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Client CodeVEN2040
EBITDA Range under-250K
Revenue Range 1M-5M
Sector Food-and-Drink
Region Southwest-US
Deal Structure Open
HeadquartersHouston, TX

This offering is a collection of four Houston-based restaurants, hereinafter combined and referred to as “the company”, operating collectively as well as independently across two different concepts.

Key aspects
· Established presence in the surrounding areas of Houston
· Robust operational culture inside the company with numerous years of experience in the restaurant industry
· Currently has four popular locations in the Houston area
· Excellent brand recognition among local market
· Strong management and loyalty across all four operations

· Strong revenue growth potential for all four restaurants
· Continued expansion in Houston and surrounding areas through the addition of more comprehensive leadership
· Build upon social media and digital presence to increase patrons
· Ability to implement major technological capabilities, resulting in significant marketing savings

Current markets
The company serves a wide demographic of customers in several cities in the surrounding areas of Houston.

Real estate
Three of the four restaurants operate out of high-traffic strip centers while the fourth operates out of one of Houston´s most recently developed mixed-use developments. All four locations are leased from unrelated third parties.

Shareholder/owner objectives
The primary owners are approaching retirement and would like to simplify their portfolio of businesses. They both prefer to sell the companies as a group and are open to multiple deal structures. They are also open to a short transition with the new owners.

Year end
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Tax Rtns
Revenue 1,702 3,363 3,553 3,224
Gross Profit 1,278 2,459 2,595 2,359
Adj. EBITDA* 127 196 271 208

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)[/cs_table]