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Event Management and Web Design Service Company

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Client Code11015
EBITDA Range 250K-500K
Revenue Range 1M-5M
Sector Professional-Services-and-Consultancy
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Full-Sale
HeadquartersFlorida, US

An event management company that provides comprehensive solutions for conference and association management needs, web services, design strategies, and professional support. The company studies their client’s brand, identifies the target audience, devises the event concept, and then coordinates the technical activities involved in the physical and digital presentation of the event.


Key Aspects


  • · Revenues and adjusted EBITDA have grown at a compound annual growth rate of 22% and 13.2%, respectively, from 2013 through 2017

    · Stable management team in place that can run operations without replacing the owner

    · Strong client loyalty with over 85% of revenue is repeat business

    · In-house graphic artists and web developers allow a quick turnover time from concept to design

    · Recently upgraded office equipment including all new Lenovo computers, office furniture, laptops, and LCD projectors

    · Room for additional employees in recently acquired office building

    · Finalist in 2017 for CVENT?s Best Return on Event Award




  • Employing a dedicated sales professional to acquire new business – the company has never employed a full-time sales professional relying strictly on referrals
  • Expand into collegiate networking – there are over 4,627 colleges enrolling over 20 million students, many of which join student clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities that frequently host networking events providing an opportunity for the company
  • Expand into the vast numbers of non-university networking groups that are easily accessible through meetup.com – currently over 32.3 million members, making up 288,726 groups totaling 7.38 million annual meetups
  • Expand into several national engineering, mechanical, and realtor associations provided by the owner


Market Currently Served


The company serves a niche market focusing on international association groups in the non-profit and engineering sectors.


Real Estate


The company operates in a 3,000 square foot building, which is fully owned by the company. The owner indicated there is room for expansion in the current facility.


Shareholder/ Owner Objectives


One shareholder, currently serving to oversee operations, is seeking a full sale to focus on other business ventures. The owner has established a management succession plan to ensure a smooth transition.


Key Indicators

Turnover 1,691 1,440 1,146 933
Gross Profit 1,691 1,440 1,146 933
Adj. EBITDA* 371 255 304 197

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)