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Award Winning Custom Car Builder

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Client CodeVEN2630
EBITDA Range 500K-750K
Revenue Range 5M-10M
Sector Automotive
Region Southeast-US
Deal Structure Investment/Partner

The company is a renowned, award winning, custom-car builder with a focus on British classic SUVs. It provides clients a one-of-a kind luxury design auto experience for each of its unique custom builds. Clients design every aspect of the vehicle and the company´s highly trained technicians complete a ground-up restoration and replace every single component of the vehicle. All elements of the process are completed in-house.


Key aspects

  • Operating in growth mode; revenues have grown from $1.2M in 2014 to $5.2M in 2017. Forecasting over $7.2M by CYE 2018
  • $4.9M in secured work-in-progress as of October 1, 2018
  • Average unit price has increased from $68K in 2015 to $179K in 2018; excludes upgrades
  • Full-builds represent 85% of revenue; upgrade projects represent the remaining 15%
  • Robust production, finance, marketing, and quality control processes in place
  • 100% in-house production including paint and upholstery
  • Clean, recognizable branding, with strong brand presence created via social media, and press coverage including television
  • Highly trained technician and ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified employees with master certifications
  • Strong vendor base of US and European suppliers


  • Refine production processes to minimize waste and breakage
  • Improve trading terms and buying process to improve profit margins
  • Introduce new product lines to expand client base
  • Continue to focus on upgrades to increase revenue via offering more selections and enhance the process
  • Add additional sub-assembly space for electronics and cosmetics to increase production
  • Expand into new markets and grow relationships into global influencers
  • Target US cities with retail design studio presence and one international store to expand footprint



  • Southeast

Current markets

  • The company targets high-net-worth individuals looking for one-of-a kind luxury design auto experience.


Real estate

  • The company leases its two facilities, one in the East and the other on the West Coast of the United States. Both facilities are leased from unrelated third parties.


Shareholder/owner objectives

  • The company is owned by four shareholders, three of which are actively involved in the management of the company. The owners are looking for a new partner to add value and take the company to the next level, and maximize the growth opportunities currently available.


Key Indicators:

Year end


Revenue 5,161 5,164 2,854
Gross Profit 2,016 1,573 898
Adj. EBITDA* 508 102 -47

* Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (non-cash items)