Cruise Ship Security Installation & trademarked Cleaning Product MAN1150

The company installs closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) for security and provides window cleaning and maintenance services for major cruise liners. The company has a trademarked, proprietary line of cleaning products that are manufactured in-house. The approximate revenue breakdown: CCTV (65%), glass products/services (25%), and miscellaneous (alarm and fire prevention software sales: 10%)

Key aspects

· Listed as an approved vendor with major cruise liners

· Existing customer relationships span nearly two decades

· Trademarked glass cleaning product line

· Completed work on between 60-100 ships

· Well-respected in the industry for quality products and installs



· Southeast Florida


Shareholder/owner objectives

· The owner has been heavily-involved in the business over the last 19 years and would like to relinquish some of the day-to-day responsibilities. He is open to remaining with the company at a consultancy level or for a handover period depending on the deal structure.


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